Transnational Youth Forum 2022

22 Mar. 2022

Transnational Youth Forum 2022
Transnational Youth Forum 2022
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Climate Change, Global Concerns and impact on the Rights of the Future Generations is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, which aims at bringing together youth, experts and policy-makers from different European countries to foster debate, promote the active participation of young people and raise awareness on the interdependence between Climate Change and the Rights of Future Generations. 

The motivated and proactive group of Year 6 students, Lara Wilks, Erin Timur, Eleni Protopapa, George Nicolaou and Markos Televantos, along with Global Perspectives teacher, Luzdary-Hammad Stavrou, chose the topic of “Reducing Paper Waste in Schools” for their project. They conducted second-hand research on the effects of paper waste on climate change and how digitalisation can reduce paper waste. They also conducted thorough first-hand research by using The English School as a case study. They surveyed students and teachers, interviewed heads of departments and investigated the amount of paper used in school and its cost. They collected this data and testimonies to create an informative presentation designed specifically for teachers and their needs. The aim of this presentation is to raise awareness about paper waste and offer solutions and suggestions of how teachers can reduce and replace paper through digital tools. They plan to share their presentation with all teachers, not only at our school, but have it available for any teacher looking to adopt digital tools and reduce paper.

At the the two-day Transnational Youth Forum 2022 hosted by Hope for Children and accompanied by Global Perspectives teacher, Luzdary-Hammad Stavrou, students presented their findings and presentation to a group of University and High Schools students from Italy, Portugal, the UK, Côte d’Ivoire and Somali. They participated in interactive youth-led activities and discussions and attended a Conference where Lara Wilks presented in front of policy makers in the Environment and Youth sectors.

The team of students impressed all attendees with their high levels of engagement, knowledge and confidence. 

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