Senior Girls Basketball Team

29 Dec. 2021

Senior Girls Basketball Team
Senior Girls Basketball Team
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I remember the first time I stepped on the court, at a school basketball game, not even knowing how to dribble. 

Fast forward to 7 years later, where I am still playing on the team (with a little more experience) and helped the Senior Girls team place 3rd in the Ministry of Education’s Basketball Tournament for Nicosia. My last match ended with a win to remember against Kykkos A lyceum, as most of my team scored 3point shots, and we won 55-26. We started strong, holding on to the lead all along, and were able to truly enjoy the game. I wish the school and girls the best of luck in the following years and hope there are many more wins to come!

Kasinis Elia 7B

Members of the team:

Elia Kasinis 7
Katerina Panayi 6
Neofi Moria 6
Dona Nathanael 5
Amalia Doerflinger 5
Leni Kalli 4
Mehmetaliogullari Sherife 4
Marilia Antoniou 4
Nedi Avraam 4
Naz Shenoglu 4
Stephanie Antoniadou 4
Katerina Antoniou 4
Coach: Rafaella Neokleous  


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