Revision Booklets for Lower School

20 Apr. 2021

Revision Booklets for Lower School
Revision Booklets for Lower School
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The Pastoral Team has sent Year 1, 2 and 3 students a Revision Booklet via email with tips on studying, as well as topics to revise per subject. 

You can find the Revision Booklet online by clicking on the links below:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Please go through the package with your child, which contains both a Wellbeing Guide for parents and for students.  The guidelines provided in the booklet are designed to help students and parents prepare for the upcoming exam period.

Children are encouraged to begin the revision process over the holiday, by organising their files, reading through their notes, and ensuring that they have all necessary documents.  If your child is missing notes or handouts, he/she can get these from a friend or ask for the teacher’s help.
Upon our return to school, the subject teachers will guide students on how to study for their particular subject.  Additionally, the form tutors will help the students produce a Study Schedule and go over exam-taking techniques.
The Pastoral Team and the subject teachers are here to support the students during their revision period. 
We wish you a restful break.

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