Project on Programming a Quiz - Computer Studies Department

01 Jul. 2021

Project on Programming a Quiz - Computer Studies Department
Project on Programming a Quiz - Computer Studies Department
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Year 1 students were for the first time introduced to an end of year project. They had to use the knowledge gained throughout the year to develop a program in Scratch that would work as a calculator.

Two of the classes were used as pilot groups to improve this calculator further and try to make it work as a quiz/game.
This activity was assigned as optional homework, and as teachers, we were very impressed by all the submitted programmes.  Students worked with dedication. Thus we decided to reward the best project.
The project would be awarded on the top three projects based on:

  • The most creative idea
  • The best programming code
  • The best project
All the Computer Studies teachers were involved in the judging of the projects. All finalists received a certificate and achievement points to acknowledge their hard work. The three students that won were given certificates along with a coupon for a Papafilippou ice cream.
It was decided to include this end-of-year project in the scheme of work for the next academic year and have an annual competition at the end of the academic term between all Year 1 students to find the best project in efficiency, coding and creativity.
The names of the finalists were:
  • Damianou Christina
  • Christodoulou Katerina
  • Charalambidou Evita
  • Zembyla Mariza
  • Panayides Gerasimos Georgios
  • Lazarou Loukianos
  • Ilarionos Marios
  • Michael Lilian
  • Hadjinicolaou Christoforos
The winners were:
  • Kyriacou Stella
  • Sklavos Michalis
  • Stavrinidou Magia Maria
Well done to all students for their participation and commitment!

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