Private Schools Pancyprian Swimming Competition: A Triumph for Our U-15 Swimming Team

13 Nov. 2023

Proud Swimmers
Proud Swimmers
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Our school's U-15 Swimming Team made waves of success at the Private Schools Pancyprian Swimming Competition, organized by the Grammar School, on Wednesday, November 8th, 2023. It was a day filled with excitement and incredible displays of talent as our athletes took to the water and left their mark on the competition.

The swimmers represented our school admirably, demonstrating not only their individual prowess but also their remarkable teamwork. Their outstanding efforts earned our team a well-deserved 2nd Place overall in the competition, a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Here are the impressive results achieved by our talented swimmers:

Individual Achievements:

  • Efthymia Stylianidou (Year 3): 1st Place in 50m Backstroke
  • Antonis Galatopoulos (Year 2): 2nd Place in 100m Individual Medley
  • Maria Nearchou (Year 2): 2nd Place in 50m Breaststroke
  • Ruzgar Yasar Gurtuna (Year 4): 3rd Place in 50m Breaststroke
  • Antonis Galatopoulos (Year 2): 3rd Place in 50m Butterfly
  • Maria Nearchou (Year 2): 3rd Place in 100m Individual Medley
  • Polyna Stylianou (Year 2): 4th Place in 50m Backstroke
  • Sophia Georgiou (Year 2): 6th Place in 50m Freestyle
Relay Team Excellence:
Our relay teams showcased exceptional coordination and speed, securing the following achievements:
  • 2nd Place in 4x50m Freestyle Relay: Sophia Georgiou, Polyna Stylianou, Maria Nearchou, Efthymia Stylianidou
  • 6th Place in 4x50m Freestyle Relay: Ruzgar Yasar Gurtuna, Antonis Galatopoulos, Nikita Zubakov, Christos Peleties
We warmest congratulations to all our swimmers for their remarkable achievements and dedication to representing our school with pride. Your hard work and commitment have paid off, and we are incredibly proud of your accomplishments.

These outstanding results reflect the exceptional talent and teamwork within our U-15 Swimming Team. We look forward to more successes in the future and can't wait to see what these young athletes will achieve next.

Once again, congratulations to our U-15 Swimming Team for their exceptional performance at the Private Schools Pancyprian Swimming Competition!

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