Mathematical Pancyprian competition results

11 Jan. 2023

Maths cover
Maths cover
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Congratulations to the 13 students from The English school who have achieved excellent results in the Mathematical Pancyprian competition! 

These talented students will now progress to the next round, where they will have the opportunity to participate in the 1st Selection Competition for the prestigious international mathematics competitions JBMO, BMO, EGMO, MYMC, and IMO. The competition will take place on January 28, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM at the Pedagogical Institute in Nicosia. In preparation for this next stage, the students are also invited to attend the preparation lessons organized by CMS, starting January 14, 2023. Well done to all participants for their dedication and hard work in the competition.

Results are below:

Year 1
Zilin Su, 1G
Aawaan Khan Bali, 1B
Year 2
1st Prize: Anna Rouva, 2J
2nd Prize: Iacovos Antoniou, 2W
3rd Prize: Ioannis Ioannou, 2B
Year 3
1st Prize: Philippos Rouvas, 3B
2nd Prize: Giorgos Gavriil, 3W
Peiqi Song, 3B
Philippos Shiakallis, 3B
Year 4
Christoforos Panayi, 4W
Year 5
1st Prize: Ara Mahdessian, 5W
Year 6 
Commendation: Kyriacos Rouvas, 6W
Year 7
Commendation: Zacharias Ioannou, 7G

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