Our Students Shine at Pancyprian Biathlon Competition

03 Nov. 2023

Pancyprian Biathlon Competition
Pancyprian Biathlon Competition
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Governor's Beach, October 25, 2023 — Amidst the scenic vistas of Governor's Beach, two of our rising stars made waves at the Pancyprian Biathlon Competition, a prestigious event that drew talent from all over Cyprus.

The biathlon, a gruelling test of endurance combining swimming and running, saw participants from various swimming clubs and schools compete in a series of youth categories. The competition was stiff, but our athletes proved their mettle with impressive performances.

Andreas Kelesis, the Young Prodigy
In the Youth A Category, Year 7 student Andreas Kelesis emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Battling through waves and terrain, Andreas clinched the third spot on the podium. His dedication to training and his competitive spirit shone through as he powered his way through the course, earning a well-deserved bronze for his efforts.

Konstantinos Mallis, the Determined Challenger
Not far behind, in the Youth C Category, was Konstantinos Mallis from Year 2. Konstantinos displayed a level of skill and perseverance beyond his years, securing fifth place. His performance was a testament to his hard work and the robust training regimen he follows. Against a backdrop of seasoned athletes, Konstantinos held his own and crossed the finish line with a time that marked him as a competitor to watch in future events.

A Testament to Team Spirit
These young athletes not only represented their school but also the unyielding spirit of our local sports community. Their achievements result from not just individual effort but also the support and encouragement from coaches, families, and fellow athletes.

The success at the Pancyprian Biathlon is a promising indicator of the potential within our students, and we celebrate the achievements of Andreas and Konstantinos; we also look forward to the future, where the foundations laid by such events can lead to a lifelong love for sports and a healthy lifestyle for our youth.

Ultimately, every participant at the Pancyprian Biathlon Competition was a winner, having taken on the challenge and pushed their limits. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the young athletes who participated, and we eagerly anticipate their next venture into the world of competitive sports.

Join us in celebrating the success of our students and encourage them as they continue to pursue excellence in their athletic endeavours.


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