Congratulations to our brilliant mathematicians for their remarkable achievements in the 2023 Mathematical Olympiad!

18 May 2023

Congratulations to the brilliant mathematicians of the English School for their remarkable achieveme
Congratulations to the brilliant mathematicians of the English School for their remarkable achieveme
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Our talented students have once again displayed their remarkable mathematical prowess and achieved outstanding results in the recent Mathematical Olympiad.   

We are delighted to share the exciting news that twenty-one of our students have been awarded the Mathematics Olympiad.

Among these outstanding achievers, seven are year 1 students, which truly highlights the effectiveness and impact of our esteemed enrichment program. The remarkable results attained by our students in the recent Mathematical Olympiad serve as a testament to the success of our program in nurturing mathematical talents and cultivating a profound understanding of the subject.

We take immense pride in recognizing the following students for their exceptional achievements:

Year 1:

  • Sotiris Cleanthous (GOLD)
  • Aawaan Khan Bali (SILVER)
  • Ben Yixuan Xie (SILVER)
  • Zilin Su (BRONZE)
  • Ioannis Lambrou (BRONZE)
  • Andreas Aristodimou (BRONZE)
  • Maria Nearchou (BRONZE)
Year 2:
  • Marielena Neophytou (GOLD)
  • Anna Rouva (GOLD)
  • Christian Leon Poullikkas (SILVER)
  • Ioannis Ioannou (SILVER)
Year 3:
  • Philippos Rouvas (GOLD)
  • Georgos Gavriil (SILVER)
  • Philippos Siakallis (BRONZE)
  • Peiqi Song (BRONZE)
Year 5:
  • Ara Mahdessian (GOLD)
Year 7
  • Zacharias Ioannou (SILVER)
  • Nikos Orestes Hadjicostis (SILVER)
  • Kyriacos Rouvas (BRONZE)
  • Guangmei He (BRONZE)
  • Andreas Savvides (BRONZE)
The exceptional mathematical skills and unwavering dedication demonstrated by our students have brought great honour to our school. We extend our heartfelt congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our esteemed teacher, Andreas Demetriou, who leads our Maths Enrichment program. Mr Demetriou's guidance and commitment demonstrated through countless hours of instruction, have played a pivotal role in preparing our students for the Mathematical Olympiad. His expertise and passion for mathematics have inspired and motivated our students to reach new heights. 

Let us celebrate this remarkable accomplishment and the boundless potential of our students in the field of mathematics!  

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