Kick-Start Study Skills: The 7 habits of being a highly effective learner

26 Mar. 2016

Students in action
Students in action
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One of the most important keys to SUCCESS is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it - Unknown  

Following the successful set of workshops for Upper School students offered last academic year, Veema Education, a UK based educational consultancy firm (, offered our Year 3 students, on Wednesday 23rd March,  a masterclass designed specifically for  them, entitled ‘Kick-Start Study Skills’.
What does this masterclass involve?


  • Effective strategies for processing information — including memory games that help build brainpower.  
  • Reflecting with students on how they currently study — what works for them and why and how we could improve the way they approach independent study time.  
  • What revision methods do not work and why they are not effective. 
  • Growth mindset — the importance of students developing a growth mindset attitude towards learning.
  • Activities include areas such as: personal, learning and thinking skills, independent enquirers, team workers, creative thinkers, self managers, reflective learners, effective participators etc.

  • To acquire important strategies and techniques for exam success
  • To enable students to properly plan and personalise learning and revision
  • To develop time management and organisational skills
Projected outcomes:
Student will leave the Kick-Start Study Skills masterclass;
  • Feeling confident in using ''the seven habits of an effective learner'- when in the classroom or studying independently.
  • With examples of a ‘growth mindset’ attitude and how the brain works best when learning. 
  • Better informed about how to effectively plan their revision for their upcoming exams. 
As you can see by the photos, the students were very engaged and had a wonderful time.  Now it is up to them to enforce the new skills taught to become effective learners!

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