Masterclass French cooking

13 Dec. 2021

Masterclass French cooking
Masterclass French cooking
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On the 19th of November, students of French had the opportunity to attend a Masterclass French cooking event.

Evita Charalambidou in 2 Red talks about her experience.
‘The French have a fantastic cuisine for example macarons, crêpes, French fries, crème brulee…
During the event on Friday 19/11, everyone who decided to join us had the opportunity to take home a quiche and some incredibly delicious éclairs au chocolat. Plus, the recipe!
I was surprised, especially with the quiche, as I had never tried before. We added cheese, eggs, onion, mushrooms altogether, and I thought it would be disgusting at first. But when I tried, I wanted more. It was delicious.
Because I learned some skills, I can cook it at home now. 
Now, the éclair. Well, it was so easy to make, as we just stuffed the cream in and dipped it into chocolate. Then we added some sprinkles and placed them on a cute plate, ready to eat. The cream was very light, not so heavy. And the chocolate connected so well with the cream…Now that I am writing, I want more!

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