​Let’s Meet! Workshop, led by the organization Hope for Children*

08 Feb. 2016

Let’s Meet! Workshop
Let’s Meet! Workshop
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In every job that must be done, there must be an element of fun – Mary Poppins

Education is also fun and we always try to find opportunities to offer our junior students a variety of educational activities which contribute to their all-round education.   Today 1 Jade and 1 Red participated in a bonding worktop organised by Hope for Children*   at our school during the first two periods.
As you can see in the photos the students had a lot of fun!
*The “Hope for Children” UNCRC Policy Center is an international humanitarian and independent Institution based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Institution is established on standards and principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and European Union Law. It works on humanitarian and development policy relevant to the defense and promotion of children’s rights. It does so through research, grassroots program design and implementation and advisory services offered to governments and international organizations. The operation of the Institution is founded on the principle of promoting and protecting the rights of children.

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