The English School Mathematicians Excel in Kangourou Mathematics Competition 2022-2023

18 May 2023

Kangourou Mathematics Competition 2022-2023
Kangourou Mathematics Competition 2022-2023
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We are delighted to recognize the exceptional achievements of its talented mathematicians in the recently concluded Kangourou Mathematics Competition 2022-2023. 

The competition showcased our students' incredible mathematical prowess and dedication, resulting in an impressive list of prize recipients across various levels. We extend our warmest congratulations to these exceptional individuals who have brought great honour to our School. 

We take immense pride in congratulating the following students for their remarkable success in the Kangourou Mathematics Competition:

  • Level 7: George Lioudakis and George Mavrommatis (Bronze Awards)
  • Level 8: Kleiw Ierodiakonou (Gold Award), Ioannis Ioannou, and Marielena Neophytou (Silver Awards)
  • Level 9: Philippos Rouvas (Gold Award), Andreas Papandreou (Silver Award)
  • Level 10: Natalie Hadjivasileiou (Bronze Award)
  • Level 11: Jingjing Peng (Gold Award), Nikolas Themistou and Kyriacos Rouvas (Bronze Awards)
  • Level 12: Zacharias Ioannou (Silver Award)
The dedication, hard work, and exceptional mathematical abilities demonstrated by these students are truly commendable. Their impressive achievements reflect their unwavering commitment to excellence and their passion for mathematics.

We commend all participants for their active engagement and enthusiasm in this prestigious competition. These remarkable accomplishments not only showcase the students' mathematical skills but also underscore the dedication and guidance of our esteemed faculty.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each and every student who participated in the Kangourou Mathematics Competition. Your commitment, perseverance, and exemplary performance have brought immense pride to our school and the entire community. Your achievements are a testament to the nurturing academic environment and rigorous curriculum provided by our School.

As these outstanding mathematicians embark on their academic journeys, we are confident that their remarkable achievements in the Kangourou Mathematics Competition are just the beginning of their bright futures. 


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