Green Dot with The English School Goes Green PBL project - Citizenship programme

22 Mar. 2016

Green Dot participants
Green Dot participants
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It is our collective and individual responsibility... to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live - Dalai Lama

Green Dot Cyprus founded the volunteers’ team aiming to raise awareness about recycling by informing people all over Cyprus door to door, something that would be extremely difficult and expensive since the System covers 85% of the population meaning 650,000 citizens.
Our students took part in this project, informing the citizens face to face about the recycling programme as one of the most effective ways of raising awareness and this is the reason that the volunteers’ team is of a great importance for the Green Dot Organization. 
This team was created at the end of 2010 and its activities have been crowned with success! Anyone above the age of 15 can become a member of this team regardless of their ethnicity or area of residence, as long as they can effectively communicate either in Greek or English.
Each volunteer must inform 20 households per year preferably in his/her neighbourhood!
Green Dot Cyprus does the training and provides the equipment for each volunteer.
At the beginning of each year volunteers declare whether they want to keep being a part of the team or not.
If you would like to contribute or register, please go to the following page:
In the picture, some of the students that took part in this programme.

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