Celebrating Success at the Pancyprian Schools Athletics Competition

21 Apr. 2024

Celebrating Success at the Pancyprian Schools Athletics Competition
Celebrating Success at the Pancyprian Schools Athletics Competition
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We are thrilled to share the exciting outcomes of our athletes' performances at the recent Pancyprian Schools Athletics Competition in Limassol. It was a day filled with remarkable athleticism, sportsmanship, and determination. Our team from The English School left a lasting impression, showcasing their talents and commitment to excellence.

Junior Boys Athletics Team Results:

  • Alexandros Middleton: Secured 1st Place in the 300m Hurdles event, demonstrating exceptional skill and speed.
  • Antonios Kyriakides: Showed remarkable versatility, claiming 3rd Place in both the 150m race and the 4x100m Relay.
  • Emmanuil Fotiou, Kyriacos Makris, and Andreas Floridis Formed a formidable trio and clinched third Place in the 4x100m Relay.
  • Iakovos Antoniou and Konstantinos Stavrou: Displayed impressive resilience, securing 4th and 6th Place, respectively, in the 100m Hurdles event.
  • Alexandros Raffi Parikian: Demonstrated strength and skill, earning 4th Place in Shot Put.
  • Constandinos Kyriakos Pedonomou Middleton: Showed determination, finishing 8th in the challenging 600m race.
  • Panos Tsentas: Despite facing obstacles, they exhibited great sportsmanship during the 300m race.
  • Christian Skriver: Unfortunately, he cannot compete due to injury, but his spirit remains undaunted.
Junior Girls Athletics Team Results:
  • Ioanna Ioannou: Impressed with a 2nd Place finish in Pole Vault, showcasing her talent and dedication.
  • Katerina Hajigeorghi: Demonstrated skill and precision, earning 7th Place in the Discus event.
  • Maria Michaela Chatziiosif and Leni Solomou: They showed endurance and determination, securing 7th and 9th Place, respectively, in the 600m and 1000m races.
  • Simoni Diaouri and Nefeli Demetriades: Displayed athleticism, claiming 12th Place in Triple Jump and Javelin, respectively.
  • Konstantina Marnelou and Stephie Dracou: They showed determination and spirit, finishing 12th and 15th, respectively, in the 80m and 150m races.
  • 4x100m Relay Team: Despite a commendable performance, they faced disqualification, but their effort was truly admirable.
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our athletes for their outstanding achievements and commendable sportsmanship. Your dedication and passion are truly inspiring, and we couldn't be prouder of your accomplishments—a special thank you to Yiannos Papaioannou for his support and guidance throughout the competition.



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