Day 3: Erasmus+ "FIT-food for thought" Poland mobility

17 Jun. 2022

Day 3: Erasmus+
Day 3: Erasmus+ "FIT-food for thought" Poland mobility
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"Gdansk Gday"

At 6.30am we caught the bus to the historic city Gdansk and learnt about its special culture and importance in European history. Gdansk was simply stunning, after WW2 it was lying in ruins, and it was restored to regal glory later.  We saw giant golden clock towers, one of the tallest Cathedrals around, canals, ships, bridges and rivers and lots and lots of shops selling amber.  In the evening we ate Polish local food in a traditional Polish tavern, in a traditional wooden building with a thatched roof, and its own unique decorations. 
 Our project is geared to help us re-think our nutrition, eating habits and products we buy, leading to a healthier more sustainable future. 
More updates tomorrow!

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