Erasmus + - Teenage life in Germany, German Education system, German culture and traditions!

26 Aug. 2022

Erasmus Plus Ahaus Germany Exchange programme
Erasmus Plus Ahaus Germany Exchange programme
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What are we curious about?
Teenage life in Germany, German Education system, German culture and traditions!
 Off we go to Germany then  to find out!

On the 21st August, four of our students Leandros Elia, Niki Aristidou, Neofi Moria and Panayiotis Hadjicostis accompanied by Mr. Ulker Uzuner, Head of Turkish and member of the Erasmus + Team, embarked on an Erasmus+ short term student mobility to Ahaus, Germany within the framework of the Erasmus+ Accreditation program. Upon their return, on the 4th of September, Mr Stylianos Andreou one of our  German teachers, will be accompanying them back to Cyprus.  
Ahaus is a charming town, with natural and historic beauty, in the district of Borken in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, near the border with the Netherlands. Over the next two weeks, our students will be attending lessons at the Bischofuche Canisiusschule Gymnasium aiming to improve their communication skills in German language and enrich their vocabulary while engaging in conversations with students and teachers. They will experience first-hand what it is like being a teenager in Germany, get a taste of school life at a German school, and appreciate local culture and traditions. They too will share information about our own school, lifestyle, and traditions with their peers. Additionally, they will use digital tools to summarize their findings and share them with us. 
We thank  Mr Nelson Hakenes (Headmaster) and Ms Andrea Wolf (Erasmus+ coordinator) for their warm welcome, long-term partnership, and hospitality and the four host families!  We look forward to hosting staff and students from Ahaus at our school for job shadowing, exchange of good practice and student mobilities soon!

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