Day 2: Erasmus+ "FIT-food for thought" Poland mobility

16 Jun. 2022

Day 2: Erasmus+
Day 2: Erasmus+ "FIT-food for thought" Poland mobility
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"Gingerbread, frogs, heliocentricity"

Today's activities centred around our visit to the medieval and magical town of Torun. We travelled with our Polish hosts and Italian guests to discover its history, legends, and food.  +

Torun is home to the legend Nicolaus Copernicus; he was the renaissance astronomer who figured out that the Sun is the centre of our solar system. It is also full of magical tales, a leaning tower that supposedly grants wishes and a beautiful fountain with brass frogs that offers unending love!  The highlight was visiting the Gingerbread museum, where we learnt how the local delicacy was made from medieval times until now. We ate the delicious gingerbread, which is the best in Poland, if not the world...
 Our project is geared to help us how re-think our nutrition, eating habits and products we buy, leading to a healthier, more sustainable future. 
More updates tomorrow!

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