4th and 5th form Art students at work and visit to Levention Art Gallery

20 Mar. 2016

Year 4 and Year 5 Art Students
Year 4 and Year 5 Art Students
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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have. - Maya Angelou.

Art is a natural form of expression.

Yet Art is also a separate learning subject consisting of content and skill development.

A curriculum cohort related to other literary and performing arts as well as to interdisciplinary integrated studies. It is an arena for creative problem solving and thinking.

Involves new ideas, invention, originality, unexpected responses, independence, discovery, experimentation, open attitudes, interaction of ideas, imagination, flexibility, self-expression, personal imagery, conceptualisation of ideas, risk taking, trial and error, seeing similarities and differences, self-evaluation, making choices and decisions and justifying these decisions.
The Art & Design course in the 4th and 5th form leads to an exam at the of the second year for an IGCSE Art and Design certification.
Over the two year course students will become familiar with various materials and methods of working so as to enrich their technical ability. The course work consists of studio based drawing, painting, printmaking and three-dimensional work, as well as opportunities to visit galleries. As our Year 4 students did this year visiting  the Levention Art Gallery at the  ‘Come , Create , Engage exhibition’  with colour paint on Thursday 21st January.

In the photos below you will see our students at work and the visit at the Levention Art Gallery.
Our art students keep us inspired! 

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