Reading List

Accountancy / Banking / Finance / Economics
Accountancy Uncovered
A Career in Accountancy
Careers in Accountancy
Careers in Banking and Finance
Getting into Financial Services
Getting Into Business & Economics Courses
Getting into Business, Economics & Management
Progression Series - Economics, Finance and Accountancy 2010
Q&A Careers Guides - Accountancy
Q&A Careers Guides - Banking
Careers in Architecture
Art & Design
Careers in Art and Design
Working in Arts, Crafts & Design
Student Helpbook Series - Careers with an Arts Degree
Getting into Art & Design
Progression Series - Art and Design
Careers with an Arts or Humanities Degree
Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying Art & Design
Q&A Careers Guides - Art & Design
The A-Z of Careers and Jobs
Careers 2011
The Careers Directory - the one-stop guide to professional careers
Careers & Jobs in It
Choosing your GCSEs
Decisions at 13/14+
Degree Course Descriptions
How to Choose Your GCSEs
Cassell Careers Encyclopedia
The Penguin Careers Guide
Getting into Computing
Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying Computer Science
Getting into IT and the Internet
Careers in Social Work
Getting into Counselling
Careers Working with Children and Young People
Getting into Dental School
Getting into Engineering
Q&A Careers Guides - Engineering
Progression Series - Engineering and Mathematics
Careers Using English
Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying English
Careers in Environmental Conservation
An A-Z of Exam Survival - How to Approach Exams with Confidence
Fashion / Film & Video / TV & Radio
Careers in Fashion
Careers in Film and Video
Careers in Retailing
Careers in Television and Radio
Careers Using Geography
Health Related
Getting Into Paramedical Sciences
Progression Series - Health and Social Care
Hotel Management / Tourism
Careers in Catering, Hotel Administration & Management
Getting into Tourism
Human Resource
Careers in Human Resource Management
Careers in Journalism
So... You Want to be a Journalist?
Getting into Journalism
How to Succeed in Newspaper Journalism
Getting into Languages
Careers Using Languages
Q&A Careers Guides - Languages
A Career in Law
Careers in the Law
So... You Want to be a Lawyer?
Getting Into Law
How to Study Law
Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying Law
Progression Series - Law
Q&A Careers Guides - Law
Marketing / Advertising / Media
Careers in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
A Student's Guide to Entry to Media Studies
Media Careers - Broadcasting
Med Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying Media
ia Careers - Marketing
Media Careers - Publishing
Getting into Broadcasting
Getting into the Media
Q&A Careers Guides - Marketing
Q&A Careers Guides - Public Relations
Progression Series - Media and Performing Arts
A Guide to Getting Into Mathematics
A Career in Medicine: Do you have what it takes?
Careers in Medicine, Dentistry and Mental Health
A Student's Guide to Entry to Medicine
So... You Want to be a Doctor?
The Essential Guide to Becoming a Doctor
Medicine Uncovered
Q&A Careers Guides - Medicine
Progression Series - Medicine and Dentistry
Progression Series - Medicine, Dentistry & Optometry
Careers in Music
Getting Into Music, Drama & Dance
Getting Into Physiotherapy
Q&A Careers Guides - Physiotherapy
Becoming a Psychologist
Getting into Psychology Courses
Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying Psychology
Q&A Careers Guides - Psychology
Progression Series - Psychology
Q&A Careers Guides - Science
Student Helpbook Series - Careers with a Science Degree
Careers in Sport
Sports Writing
Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying Sports Science
Q&A Careers Guides - Sport
Getting Into Sport & Fitness
Getting Into Sport & Leisure
Progression Series - Sports Science & Physiotherapy
Careers in Teaching
Getting Into Teaching
A Guide to Getting Into Teaching
Progression Series - Teaching and Education
Careers in the Theatre
Q&A Degree Subject Guides - Studying Drama
Q&A Careers Guides - The Theatre
Getting Into Performing Arts
Veterinary Science
Real Life Guides - Working with Animals and Wildlife
Getting Into Veterinary School
Getting Into Veterinary Science
Careers Working with Animals
Q&A Careers Guides - Animals
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