Dr. Selma Karayalcin study: “Hemingway’s Fishing Rod: A Study of the First African Plane Crash and Rescue” has been published!
Our English Teacher, Dr. Selma Karayalcin, published a study.  Hemingway's Fishing Rod: A Study of the First African Plane Crash and Rescue in The Hemingway Review.  The Hemingway Review is one of the most prestigious journals on literature.  With this amazing account The Hemingway Review has invited her to be a Reader which means she decides on whether essays are worthy of publications!
Inter-House Athletics 2016-2017
Another, inter-house athletics competition is around the corner.
Below is the detailed programme follows.  Good luck to all our athletes!
U-14 European Winter Cup Boys Tennis Tournament
Lambros Pantzaris 2R currently representing Cyprus in the  U-14 European Winter Cup Boys Tennis Tournament being held in Kazan Russia. 
Hockey tour of Malta organised by the Cyprus Hockey Association
Further to the big success of last year’s Tour of Athens, the Cyprus Hockey Association is organising, as promised, the Tour of Malta.
Congratulations to our 4x4 in schools Team
Another outstanding achievement by our students.  The English School 4x4 School Team, will be representing not only our School but Cyprus in the World Finals in Abu Dhabi in December 2017.  Well done to our team and good luck!
Pancyprian Cross Country Competition
The GSP Organizing Committee invite all Athletes to the Pancyprian Cross Country Competition to be held on the 12th February 2017 at 9am
Submitting Options to the School
Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 students will be able to submit their options, on the on-line tool between Monday, 23rd January 2017 and Monday, 6th February 2017. 
Open Mic Night, 24th February supported by 'The Phoenix'
Open to 4th - 7th formers.
Do you enjoy writing?  What about performing?  Open Mic Night will give you the chance to combine these two - it is a way to express yourself creatively through stories, poetry and comedy.
Interested in participating in a Musical / Documentary promoting multiculturalism
Any students in Year 3 to 7 interested in participating in a Musical / Documentary promoting Multiculturalism can register their interest by email.  More information will be given on the 3rd February at 2nd Break in the Hall.
Information about Classical Greek and Classical Civilization for 2017-2018
Information about choosing Classical Greek and Classical Civilization, for the next academic year 2017-2017.
Year 5 Economics "Surgery" times until half-term
The Economics department has arranged for drop-in support session for Year 5 Students until half-term. 
Acoustic Night
On Sunday 29th January,join us at Taco bell for an Acoustic Night. Featuring talented English School Students.  We await to see you there!
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