World Alzheimer Day
The English School Astronomy Club commemorates the World Alzheimer Day with two charity events. 
Junior Drama Club
Junior Drama Club, every Monday 2.00-3.00pm.
Erasmus+ news
The English School is hosting the third Erasmus+ meeting. 
Design and Technology Club
Design and Technology Club, 1st meeting, Wednesday 21st September 2016 in Room 56. Register now!
Astronomy Club
Astronomy Club meeting this Tuesday, 20th September 13:30-14:00 in SB11
Senior Debate Club Announcement
Senior Debate Club, introductory meeting will take place on Friday, 16th September at 2pm in SB17.
Join the PASYKAF Club, 1st meeting 19th September 2016
Solonion Bookshop will be on campus as follows:
Tuesday, 13th September to Friday, 16th September 1st Break.  
As of next week until Christmas only available every Tuesday and Friday.  

The English School Exercise books and Booklets can be purchased online.
Welcome message from the Chairman of the Board of Management
Would you like to be part of MEDIMUN?
THIMUN (2017) Forms 5-7
THIMUN is open for applications for delegates.
Traditional Annual ESOBGA BBQ
On the 22nd September at 8.30pm, the ESOBGA Committee invites all its friends to the Traditional Annual ESOBGA BBQ


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