The ESOBGA Annual Treasure Hunt
The ESOBGA Annual Treasure Hunt, will take place on Sunday 7th October 2018
Registrations closing at 10:00 am.  Participation fee: EUR 5.00 per person.
Economics Department Surgery Schedule
The Economics Department would like to inform students in Years 5,6 and 7 of the below 'surgery sessions'  until the end of term.  
The sessions start at 1:30 to 2:30pm. 
The English School Leaving Certificate
The English School Leaving Certificate
Careers e-news
Careers e-news
The English School Careers & University Entry Newsletter
School Announcements
Academic Year 2018-2019
Announcements reflected on TV Monitors and Form Tutor Registers are shown here. 
Senior Choir Auditions
Wednesday, 5th September, 5 pm
Instrumental Music Programme - new for 2018-2019
Registrations now open - on line and at school.  Come and see us during school working hours. 
Outstanding results at I/GCSE External Exams
​We are delighted to announce our I/GCSE results for Summer 2018.
2016 English School Graduate Maria Yiannikouride
2016 Graduate Maria Yiannikouride excels at the University of Cambridge
Book Purchasing 2018-2019
Text books are now on sale at the Soloneion Book Centre.
The English School Exercise Books and Booklets will be available for purchase online from the School's Reprographics Centre. Details will follow.
Which Degree Fair
Join The Careers Office in welcoming back over 50 recent English School graduates.
Exceptional performance in AS and A-Level GCE External Exams
We are delighted to announce the success of our students in their recent AS and A-Level GCE external examinations.
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