Inter-House Cross-Country 2019-2020

05 Nov. 2019

Cross Country
Cross Country
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Cross Country is scheduled for Boys on Monday, 11th November and Girls Tuesday, 12th November.  The detailed programme of the event follows below.

Monday 11th November                14:20     Junior Boys:  1500m
Monday 11th November                14:45     Senior Boys:  2000m
Tuesday 12th November                14:20     Junior Girls:  1500m
Tuesday 12th November                14:45     Senior Girls:  2000m
Forms 1-5:           Expected
Form 6-7:             Optional
All students will be given a sticker with their personal competition number, which they need to stick on the front of their House shirt.  When students finish the race, this sticker needs to be removed from their shirt and stuck on their finishing card, which will be collected.
Students in years 1-3 will be given their stickers by their Form Tutors on the morning of their race.  Students in years 4-7 can collect their stickers at 14.10 from their Heads of House, during normal Afternoon Games registration.

  1. The first 10 finishers from each House will score points equivalent to their finishing positions.
  2. The team with the lowest number of points wins.
  3. All athletes who finish within the time limit (with the exception of the first 10 finishers from each House) will score one point, which will be deducted from their House total to determine the final House ranking.
  4. Time Limits
Junior Girls:11 minutes
Junior Boys:09 minutes
Senior Girls:15 minutes
Senior Boys:13 minutes
There will be individual awards for the top 3 athletes in each category as well as for the top 3 boys and girls in each year group.
Yiannos Papaioannou
Head of Physical Education

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