09 Feb. 2021

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We are excited to announce that the ticket sales for the TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia begin today, Friday 15th of January! 

Secure your spot for an event that will enhance curiosity and scepticism; for inspiration and action, by purchasing a ticket, at an all-inclusive price of €30
You can purchase your tickets NOW, at www.tedxenglishschoolnicosia.com. Only 100 seats are available, so make sure you purchase them as soon as possible!

The event will take place at The Royal Hall in Nicosia, on Sunday, 21st March 2021 from 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm

 The event, organised by Year 6 students and Ms Maria Rousou, has an aim of letting the wider English School community connect, as well as “unravel” their thoughts. 

What makes TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia worthy? 

The TEDx EnglishSchoolNicosia - ‘Unravel’ is centred around a diverse array of speakers, giving short talks, while presenting and introducing different perspectives and issues of social, scientific, educational and humanitarian basis, enduring optimism. Our main focus is to allow the youth to ‘unravel’ their ideas to an audience while prompting thought-provoking discussions that enrich the community. 

Join us in order to experience some “ideas worth spreading”, and for inspirational sparks of conservation.

 Our Speakers and Performers


1.       Maria Anna Tsouka (Year 4) 

2.       Niki Aristidou (Year 5)

3.       Markos Televantos (Year 5)

4.       Leda Thanassa (Year 6)

5.       Samantha Lilly Archontis (Year 7)



1.       Ms. Shura Giammanco-Economou   (English Language & Literature Teacher)



1.       Dr. Kypros Nicolaides 

2.       Mr. Pavlos Christoforou 

3.       Ms. Argyro Nicolaou 



1.       ‘The Jammers’ - Jazz Band (Year 5)

2.       Feidias Psaras - Standup Comedy (Year 6)


COVID-19 Disclaimer

 The TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia Team is closely monitoring the health and safety recommendations and protocols of our local government officials. Any necessary adjustments will be made to the event, in order to ensure a safe environment for all participants. 

In the unfortunate situation of the event going entirely online, we will be granting a 70% refund to all our guests. 

 We are waiting to see you on the day! 

 The TEDxEnglishSchoolNicosia Team

 Email: info@tedxenglishschoolnicosia.com

Website: https://tedxenglishschoolnicosia.com 

Facebook: TEDx English School Nicosia

Instagram: @tedxenglishschoolnicosia



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