Option Choices for 2016/2017

25 Jan. 2016

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Submitting Options to the School

Further to the information already provided the online system for submitting student options to the School will be activated on Monday, 25th January 2016.

Each student will be provided with a username and password.  Once logged in the relevant form should be completed following the instructions provided.  Students/parents should also bear in mind any other requirements / restrictions which have already been explained.

The deadline to complete this is on Monday, 8th February 2016.  Please ensure that your options are on the School system by this date at the latest.

If you have any questions or require any support please contact Ms. Elena Kazantzi (22799303 or email: elena.kazantzi@englishschool.ac.cy) or Ms. Christina Kkolou (22799353 or email: christina.kkolou@englishschool.ac.cy)

   Year 3 going to Year 4

    Year 5 going to Year 6

   Year 6 going to Year 7

Once in the TOOLS, you should carefully read the school requirements and by clicking on the "Extra information: Click here for an example" to view an example on how to do your submission. 

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