The Sophia For Children Foundation has not forgotten Lebanon.

10 Dec. 2020

Sophia for Children Foundation - Sophia the giraffe
Sophia for Children Foundation - Sophia the giraffe
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They say that news, no matter how shocking, lasts in our minds as long as it plays in the media. Then it disappears as if it never happened.  Unfortunately, this may be the case.

The issue is, those affected by the disaster continue to suffer.
The terrible explosion that took place in Lebanon last August left behind a colossal disaster that also impacted children.  Children that lost their parents, their homes.  Children who are still injured in hospitals, children who do not even have the basics.
The Sophia for Children Foundation has not forgotten these children.   Their aim now is to raise as much money as possible to support these children.  To do this, they shipped in from Kenya to Cyprus the sweetest Giraffe-piggy bank.
We know that times are difficult for everyone.  But social solidarity is what unites us and what ultimately saves us.
The Sophia Foundation Giraffe, ‘Sophia’, is scheduled to visit schools all over Cyprus, starting from The English School on December 10th and 11th and then continue her journey to Malls in various cities.
Her route will be posted on social networks and The Sophia for Children Foundations website.
The Giraffe - piggy bank, was created on a non-profit basis by the artist Panikos Temriotis, volunteer and supporter of The Sofia for Children.
Translation of original article posted on Philenews dated 9th December 2020

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