Pancyprian Biathlon Competition

27 Apr. 2018

Pancyprian Biathlon Competition
Pancyprian Biathlon Competition
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A Pancyprian Biathlon Competition will take place at the Grammar School on 8 May 2018 and it is the qualifying event for the World Biathlon Championship.

The following races are offered, by age:

Year of Birth Running – Swimming - Running
Youth D 2006-2007 400m – 100m – 400m
Youth C 2004-2005 800m – 100m – 800m
Youth B 2002-2003 1200m – 200m – 1200m
Youth A 2000-2001 1600m – 200m – 1600m
Juniors 1997-1999 1600m – 200m – 1600m
Students interested in taking part can register by email at by 12:00 on Thursday 3rd May 2018.  Please note that athletes need to present a Cyprus Sports Organisation or a School Medical Card on the day of the competition, to be eligible to participate.  For further details please email me or call the PE Office on 22799343.

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