Mid-Programme Entry Applications

06 May 2020

Mid-Programme Entry Applications
Mid-Programme Entry Applications
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We are delighted to announce that applications for Mid-Programme Entry to the school will be open from 11th till 25th May inclusive. 

Due to current quarantine conditions, the application process will be on-line. Click here to access the application form.  The application fee is EUR120.00.

However, the examinations themselves will take place as follows at the school, with all appropriate health and safety measures:

  • Friday 29th May: Interviews and tests for Year 6 entry
  • Saturday 30th May: Examinations and interviews for Year 2, 3, and 4. There will be an examination in English, Maths and Non-Verbal reasoning
Please note that we are unable to accept applications for entry into Year 5 or 7.
More information about the application process will follow shortly.
For queries in the meantime, please contact Ms Christina Kkolou, our Admissions Officer: Christina.Kkolou@englishschool.ac.cy  tel 22799353.

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