Information about the last day of term

19 Dec. 2017

Christmas Bazaar poster
Christmas Bazaar poster
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Last day of term on December 21st will include the Christmas Bazaar, non-uniform day and a documentary screening.

‚ÄčThe last day of term will be a non-uniform day.  Students should bring EUR2.00 to be out of uniform. All proceeds will go to local charities, to support children and families in need.

Please  join the Student Council in the Science Building for the Christmas Bazaar. There will be many fun-packed activities, music, bake sales,  and a chance to buy some Christmas gifts and decorations from the Sophia Foundation.

The Bazaar will start at 2nd break for Years 4-7. Years 1-3 may be able to visit the Bazaar during period 4. 
In addition, there will be a screening of a newly released documentary about the lives of 3 young refugees struggling to settle in Europe. We will be joined by members of KISA (the NGO for Equality and against Racism) and some young  refugees currently living in Cyprus for a discussion at the end of the screening. The screening of the documentary  will be at 12.15pm in the Lecture Theatre.
Everyone is welcome!

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