Our Students' Summer 2019 External Results Shine Forth!

06 Sept. 2019

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We are delighted to present our students' provisional 2019 external examination results at I/GCSE, AS and GCE levels.

At I/GCSE level our students achieved an outstanding 73.2% A*/A or equivalent grades. To put this into context, the UK average of A*/A at I/GCSE was  20.7% so our students achieved more than three times the number of top grades. At GCE level 69.8 % of students' grades were A*/A whereas the UK average A*/A for GCE A level was 25.2%. These results are a testament to the sustained hard work and commitment from our students and teachers.

 Many congratulations to all students and their families for their brilliant results! We wish them continued success in their educational and professional careers!

 It should be noted that these are provisional results only, as we will not know the outcomes of students' Enquiries About Results (EAR's) until October. We anticipate that the percentages of A*/A will rise further at this time when we will publish the final results tables.

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