Exam Support / Revision Workshops

16 May 2018

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In order to further assist our students during the exam period, support / revision have been organized.  See below the schedules as defined by our departments.  
We wish our students all the best for the upcoming exams. 

Economics and Business Studies Department
Revision programme for 2018 exams

Monday Year 7 Economics 9.30-11.30
Thursday Year 7 Economics 9.30-11.30
Monday Year 6 Economics(T1) 9.30-11.00
Thursday Year 6 Economics (T2) 9.30-11.00
Friday Q &A session Year 6 Economics 9.30-11.00
Tuesday Year 5 Economics 9.30-11.00
Friday Year 5 Economics 9.30-11.00
Monday Q&A session, Year 5 Economics 9.30-11.00
Tuesday Year 6 Business 9.30-11.00
Thursday* Year 6 Business 11.00-12.30
*additional surgeries for Business Studies to be announced
** all revision surgeries will take place after the last day of term for years 5, 6 & 7 i.e 7th May.  Most surgeries will involve past paper practice apart from the Q&A sessions
History Department
Revision programme for 2018 exams
Year 5:
29th May Paper 1   10-12 Room 15  Bring in text books and past papers.
31st May Paper 2   10-12 Room 15   Bring in text books and past papers.
Year 6:
17th May Unit 2   11.50-1.30 Room 15   Bring in text books
18th May Unit 2    7.50-9.30 Room 15   Bring in text books
Year 7:
28th May Unit 1  10-12 Room 15  Bring in text books
30th May Unit 2  10-12 Room 15   Bring in text books
1st June  Overview Units 1&2  Room 15
Please note that any student can come in at any time before the examination.
Greek Department:
Revision programme for 2018 exams
Schedule also found on the Greek blog, click here
Exam Topic Venue and Time
MODERN GREEK IGCSE / AS Translations /continuous writing  Greek room Thursdays period 3
Modern Greek A2                Kavafis / films  Greek room  Mondays p.4 
Classical Greek GCSE    Language  07/05 10: 00-11: 30 Mock exam: lecture theater (NME) 
17/05 12:30 extra lesson for questions before the exam (NME)
Classical Greek GCSE     Literature 15/5 EPO Year 3 pastoral office
22/05 10.30 Greek room DMS
Classical Greek A Level            Every Thursday p.3 + 4
Modern Greek GCSE Writing, reading and listening                                                                                appointments have been set with MAR
Classical Civilization A level Drama  (POL) Wednesday A p. 2
Friday A p.1
Greek room
Monday B p.1
Tuesday B p.2
Friday B p.1
Virgil's Aeneid (timed essay writing, general revision) 8/5 May 8: 00-9: 30
Year 3 pastoral office
For both topics, students could contact EPO / POL for appointments.

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