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16 Sept. 2016

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The English School is hosting the third Erasmus+ meeting. 

The English School is hosting the third  Erasmus+ meeting  of the  current school project with educational activities designed to bring together 30 students from the six partner schools  and our school.

Our sponsors are:

  • European University Cyprus and the Microsoft Innovation Centre
  • IDEA centre of the Bank of Cyprus
  • Lecturer Mr Dinos Pastos
  • Music teacher Dr Nassia Therapontos
  • Mr Constantinos Syrimis, specialist in animation

We are very grateful to our sponsors who will contribute valuably to the rich educational programme offered by the Erasmus+ team of teachers.

Erasmus+ parents will host and look after their young E+ guests  while some of them have also offered generous sponsorship for the event.

18 Erasmus+ teachers  will elaborate ideas and build hopes for the future of their 7 country team of learners.
The Erasmus+ aims to support innovative practices and joint initiatives to promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchange of experiences.

Katia Solomidou
Coordinator of the Erasmus+ project “ Visions of my Future-Me”

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