​End-of-term report

15 Dec. 2020

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We will soon be publishing the end of term reports.  This will be done using our new Parents' Portal. Weduc. 

Specifically, the Autumn Reports will be available as follows:

  • Year 1-3 on Thursday 17th December
  • Year 4-5 on Friday 18th December
  • Year 6-7 on Monday 21st December
You can access the system by visiting https://app.weduc.co.uk/ If you have forgotten your password click on the Forgot password link and enter your email that is on record with the school. 
The system will respond with an email containing a password reset link.  After you fill in the new password, you will be able to log in. 

In the case that password rest does not work, you may contact us at helpdesk@englishschool.ac.cy, and we will take care of the issue.

Reports will be visible both in the web front of Weduc as well as the Mobile App. 

For your reference have a look at the images below. 

You may access the End of Term Report by going to Parents Globe, Then on the left-hand side click on the child you want to look up the report.  Once in, click on Reports and Documents.  The menu will expand, and you will be able to see the published report.

We will like to take this opportunity to wish both you and your families all the best for the festive season.

Kind regards,
The English School

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