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The Graduation Package
The English School Leavers will be wearing a traditional cap, gown and stole, a tradition that dates
back centuries, to the early universities in Europe.
The Graduation Package includes: entrance tickets for the ceremony and cocktail; the rental of the
Graduation attire: gown, cap and stole, and a 2018 tassel as memorable souvenir; a set of three
photographs (1 picture 20x25 Graduate alone with gown/graduation garment, 1 picture 15x20
Graduate getting Leaving Certificates and 1 picture 20x25 of Graduate with family),
as well as a DVD. All of this will have a minimum charge of €30 per student.
Purchase and pick up of Graduation Package
You must purchase and pick up your Graduation Package from the School Science Building Basement, on the following days:

  • Leavers (7B and 7G) on Wednesday 13thof June 2018 / 09:00-13:00.
  • Leavers (7J and 7R) on Thursday 14th of June / 09:00-13:00.
  • Leavers (7W and 7Y) on Friday 15th of June /09:00-13:00.
Return of Graduation Garment:
Graduates will return their gown, cap and stole immediately before leaving the Filoxenia Centre.
You should wear the Graduation attire during the cocktail and after taking any additional photos with
family and friends with the photographer.

The 2018 Tassel may be kept as a memorable souvenir.

There will be a return station in the ELIA Room (Leavers room) next to the Auditorium in the
Conference Centre.

This station will be managed by members of the Student Council and some student volunteers.
Leavers must return their full set and make sure to sign the Return Form.
We would like to emphasise that this is a formal occasion and all students are expected to attend in formal school uniform.  Leavers are required to wear under their gowns: a white school shirt with collar or a white formal collared shirt, school tie, and trousers or skirt. (Girls cannot wear a skort). All must wear black shoes. Boys should be clean-shaven.

Flowers and Jewellery should not be worn on the Gown.
Details regarding Photographs and DVD

Date: 03rd August 2018 - Message from Mr. Pericleous:

Dear parents and leavers ES 2018.
We kindly inform you that last orders of photos is the 6th of August and collection by the 10th of August.
It is important to have the students name and class (colour) and a mobile phone number for communication.
There are almost four thousand photos to choose from. Don’t limit your order only in the school package. These are lifetime memories.
Please don’t hesitate conduct us for any inquiries.
Thank You
Socrates Pericleous
Plan to be at the Filoxenia Conference Centre between 5.00pm – 6.00pm.  Photographers will be ready from 4.30pm with two (2) set studio photo booths to begin taking individual photos of Leavers in their full Garment. If possible arrive earlier so as to avoid any potential queues.
Photographers will be taking pictures during the ceremony as graduates receive their Leaving Certificates.
Family pictures can be taken before or after the Graduation Ceremony and during the Cocktail. Photographers will be available in the set studio booths until every graduate and family have taken their picture. Remember photos are included in your package.
In order to choose your photographs, please contact:
Socrates Pericleous
27b Pericleous str.
Strovolos 2020

Facebook: sp-photo
Leaver’s package includes:
1 picture 20x25 Graduate alone with gown/graduation garment
1 picture 15x20 Graduate getting Leaving Certificates
1 picture 20x25 Graduate with family
Additional pictures will be taken during the ceremony and may be ordered to the photographer with an additional cost of:
15x20 cm - 2 euro
20x25 cm - 3 euro

View photos images to place your orders from here:

Graduation Ceremony:
7 Black
7 Green
7 Jade
7 Red
7 White
7 Yellow
Other (including Year 6 leavers)

Graduation Ceremony Family and Graduate photos
7 Black
7 Green
7 Jade
7 Red
7 White
7 Yellow
Other (including Year 6 leavers)

Leavers' Dance
7 Black
7 Green
7 Jade
7 Red
7 White
7 Yellow
Year 6 Leavers

The school will inform leavers and their families as soon as the DVD is ready to be picked up from the school. Remember to save your DVD ticket.
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