Given the solemn yet celebratory nature of the Graduation Ceremony, all participants are expected to follow some basic rules of etiquette for such occasions.  First and foremost, all graduates are expected to remain in their seats until the conclusion of the ceremony and not to leave prior to the final procession. The duration of the Ceremony is expected to be approximately 2 hours.
Graduate Etiquette

  • Plan to be at the ceremony venue by 6pm.  Photographers will be ready from 5:30pm with a set studio booth to begin taking the individual photos of Leavers with their full Garment. If possible arrive earlier so as to avoid the queues.

  • Family pictures will be taken after the Graduation Ceremony and during the Cocktail. Photographers will be available in the set studio booth until every graduate and family have taken their picture.

  • Celebrate your accomplishment in a way that is in keeping with the solemnity of this occasion. Keep in mind that many people have worked long and hard to enjoy this day — do not allow your celebrations or excitement to disrupt the ceremony.

  • Please stay in your seat for the duration of the ceremony — be courteous to your fellow graduates and remain seated until the final procession

  • Attire: all students are expected to wear their formal school uniform under their gown and wear their cap as specified at the rehearsal. Leavers are required to wear a white school shirt with collar or a white formal collared shirt, school tie (new one)  and trousers or skirt (the girls are not permitted to wear the skort) and proper black leather shoes. Boys should be clean shaven. The highest standards of appearance, in dress, personal neatness and cleanliness, are expected of Leavers. Hair must be neat and tidy. Extreme hair styles/haircuts are not allowed.

  • Graduating Students should arrive at the venue between 5.30pm - 6.00 pm to take their individual photos. At 6.45 pm they should meet their Form Tutors at the designated station.

Guest Etiquette – Please inform your Guests/ Parents / Guardians

  • All Guests should arrive at the venue and be seated  by 7:15pm

  • Professional photographs will be taken of each graduate as they walk on the stage to shake the officiant's hand and receive their Certificate. Please do not attempt to take photographs during the ceremony.

  • A studio photo booth will be set up at the venue for graduates and family to take the pictures included in the package and any additional photos at the end of the ceremony.  Details of photographer and logistics are included in the “Graduation Package” document.

  • A video will be taken by the school of the Graduation Ceremony which will be given to each student as a DVD. Remember you will need to present your ticket (see “Graduation Package” document) in order to pick it up.

  • Please remain in your seats for the duration of the ceremony. Please do not block the aisles or passageways by attempting to greet or take photos with graduates.

It is important to leave seating arrangements as they are unless there is a person who has a physical disability. In this case please contact:  or 22799305 (Ms. Elena Michaelides) who will record your request on behalf of the Graduation Committee.
Thank you for your cooperation,
The Graduation Committee
Ms. Asvesta
Ms. Rengel Kefala
Ms. Perez
Ms. Michaelides
Ms. Tate  

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