Year 1 Girls - Jubilee Workshop

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From 09/09/2016, 07:00:00 To 10/09/2016, 16:00:00
Education is also fun and we love organizing fun activities for our students.  This is an opportunity for them to bond with their peers and teachers as well as develop their social skills.

We will be collaborating with Club Jubilee who has agreed to organise a special two-day program for us at the Jubilee Hotel in Troodos (copy of the analytical programme can be downloaded here). The Students will be accompanied by their Teachers but the program will be administered by the Club Jubilee Staff who have for over 25 years successfully provided children with the opportunity to experience fun activities in the Troodos Mountains.

Teachers accompanying the students are:

Thursday, 1st September to Friday, 2nd September (Year 2 Boys)
  1. Maria Pericleous (Teacher in-charge)
  2. Demos Kaoullas
  3. Katie Demetriou
Saturday, 3rd September to Sunday, 4th September (Year 2 Girls)
  1. Alexia Haroutunian (Teacher in-charge)
  2. Sylvana Jamgochian
  3. Christina Karaviotou
Monday, 5th September to Tuesday, 6th September (Year 1 Boys)
  1. Maro Polydorou (Teacher in-charge)
  2. Niki Melanidou
  3. Andrie Constantinou
  4. Maria Pericleous
Friday, 9th September to Saturday, 10th September (Year 1 Girls)
  1. Maro Polydorou (Teacher in-charge)
  2. Olia Antoniadou
  3. Catherine Panayiotou
  4. Elena Michaelides
Emergency Phone number: 96790922
  • Buses will depart at 9.00 am from the English School, Main Entrance (roundabout of Presidential Palace) so all students should be at school by 8.30 am.
  • The buses will return to the English School at 4.30 pm.
  •  The price for the Trip includes transportation, full-board accommodation and covers the full-activity programme. (Copy of the Analytical Programme can be found attached).
  • Students will need to bring comfortable/warm clothing and suitable trainers appropriate for hiking.
  • You can find more details about Club Jubilee from their website
For any further information please contact Ms Elena Michaelides, School Pastoral Office:  22799305 email:

Below are two songs shared by to of our Year 1  groups:

13 Thrillers
I got this feeling at English School
And the 13 thrillers gonna turn it on
All through my city, all through my school
We’re driving up no limits where we gonna go
I met my friends p in the mountains, good friends I’m gonna keep,
Hear this laughter all around me never stop, ooh
We went to club jubilee 13 thrillers is our team
Can’t make my body still never stop,
And under the stars when everything goes
Nowhere to hide when the thrillers are close,
When we move, well you already know,
We are the thrillers, we are the thrillers, we are the thrillers,
We’re all here at club jubilee, yeah,
And those things we shouldn’t do at club jubilee yet,
And ain’t nobody leaving soon, so keep dancing,
I can’t stop the learning,
So just teach, teach, teach
I can’t stop the learning,
So just teach, teach, teach me
Nutella Legends
We came to Club Jubilee to make friends and have fun
We are the Nutella Legends, active girls, creative girls.
Eating, driving, going into the city
To meet our friends
Got to kiss ourselves we are so pretty.
Too hot (hot damn)
Call Jubilee we are on fire now,
Too hot (hot damn)
Too hot (hot damn)
Say our names you know who we are
Too hot (hot damn)
We’re crazy about Nutella
Why don’t you eat me?
Why don’t you eat me?
Why don’t you eat me?
We are not gonna give it to you
We are not gonna give it to you
We are not gonna give it to you
Friday night we’re in the spot.
Don’t believe me just watch.
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