Year 1 Education Trip to Larnaca

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From 08/03/2017, 08:00:00 To 08/03/2017, 13:30:00
One of our targets as Pastoral team is to raise students’ awareness of the importance of intercultural dialogue and to strengthen their respect for diversity.  Our young students in Year 1 have already done some relevant project work on Respect, Friendship and Cyber Bullying; they have had class discussions during Form Tutor time or during other lessons/activities on the topics

The next activity we are planning for Year 1 is a visit to two religious sites in Larnaca on Wednesday 8th March. We have planned visits to St Lazarus Church and the Hala Sultan Tekke.  The students will get more information from their Head of Year and Form Tutor on the details of the day as well as information on the two worship sites.
Immediately after registration on that day, the students will get on buses accompanied by members of the Pastoral Team. Please advise the children to wear comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for the visits to the two religious sites. It would be great if students could have some light snacks and water with them. We are planning to spend about an hour by the beach before we return to Nicosia - by 13:20.  Students will be charged 5 euros each for their transport to and from Larnaca.
This is another team building activity for staff and students and a great opportunity for all of us to help our children appreciate the importance of respecting diversity by raising awareness of cultural heritage. It is also a way to help students to relax and have fun since we tell them education is fun!
Please fill in the attached form and send to the school via the Form Tutor by Tuesday, 7th March 2017.
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