Year 1 commemorative assembly in hall, followed by tree-planting

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From 06/11/2018, 07:40:00 To 06/11/2018, 08:30:00
The English School, Hall

Honouring our Founder, Frank Darval Newham, the below activities have been planned. 

Frank Darvall Newham was born in Leicestershire, England on 6th March 1864. He gained a First Class degree in Theology at Cambridge University and later, at the age of 36, came for the first time to Cyprus. In 1901 he was appointed Inspector for Schools for the then Colonial Government and, six years later, he became Chief Inspector, an office whose title subsequently changed to Director of Education. During his first year on the island, in 1900, he founded a school for boys. Initially there were just 13 boys but that school developed into what is now The English School with 1113 boys and girls. He was Headmaster of the school for 36 years. In 1936 he handed the school over to the Colonial Government, on condition that its essential character should be maintained. He was a generous man who ensured that his school was open to pupils from all the communities and creeds of the island. It was Frank Newham who introduced football and hockey to Cyprus. He died in Kyrenia on his birthday in 1946 at the age of 82. His legacy, The English School, lives on.

Tuesday 6th November: Year 1 commemorative assembly in hall, followed by tree-planting
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