Staff Training - Child Protection

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From 05/09/2016, 00:00:00 To 05/09/2016, 00:00:00
The English School
The English School staff were, on Monday 5th September, fortunate to attend a training session on issues relating to sexual abuse of children in line with our guidelines on Child Protection and Child Safeguarding. 
The session was led by Ms Anastasia Papadopoulos and Dr. Eleni Karayianni.
Ms. Papadopoulos is a special advisor to the Ad hoc Ministerial Committee for the Nation Strategy against child sexual abuse and exploitation and child pornography and an old girl (graduated in 1993). 
Dr Eleni Karayianni, is a registered clinical psychologist working at the University of Cyprus. 
The training was well received and generated a number of useful questions and a wide range of discussion.
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