Maths Trip

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From 02/07/2016, 00:00:00 To 09/07/2016, 00:00:00
Germany, Switzerland and France
Maths Trip to Germany, Switzerland and France

Between the 2nd to 9th July our students went on a Maths Trip to Germany, Switzerland and France.  One of the aims of the trip, apart from seeing the hands-on use and application of mathematics is to extend the link between mathematics including art (Deutsches Museum-3D sculptures generated through mathematical equations), engineering and manufacturing (BMW Welt and museum). 

Coming back to the below was forwarded to Ms. Maryenda Stefanou, the organizer of the trip:  “The children had an awesome time thanks to you and the rest of the team, and we greatly thank you for that.  Please accept my sincere congrats for organizing this school trip so efficiently and for taking care of our children.  My sincere thanks go out to all your colleagues that worked together with you for the success of this trip.”
Below is the response Ms. Maryenda Stefanou forwarded: 
“I'm glad the kids had a great time and enjoyed themselves. Their behaviour made us so so proud. Just when I was thinking of perhaps stopping the trip they've given me fuel to continue. 
They were brilliant and we as teachers had a great time too. We all felt like a team which was my vision when I first started this trip. I wanted an event that would build bonds between teachers and students, bonds which we lost along the way and are so valuable for teenagers. As I wrote on the trips' Facebook page, we couldn't have done all this if it weren't for the upbringing that you parents equipped your children with.”
Both students and teachers had an amazing time.  The photos speak for themselves. 
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