Healthy Cooking Club visit to Wagamama

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From 06/12/2016, 00:00:00 To 06/12/2016, 00:00:00
On the 6th December our ‘Healthy Cooking’ club members visited Wagamama restaurant. Not only was it informative it was also a lot of fun!

The members of our club were invited to Wagamama restaurant. They had a very informative meeting with the manager of the restaurant who explained to us the philosophy behind Asian cooking as well as the way they approach their customers. They also learned about the preservation of raw food and what precautions they take in order to protect their plates from viruses. 

Then our students put on white hair caps and had a go at cooking their own chosen dishes. 

You can see the results in the photos. The food was delicious, our hosts made us feel very welcome and we thank them for their hospitality. 

We would like to thank the parents that organized this trip. It was a great opportunity!

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