Year 4 Yellis Test and Year 4 ID Photos

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From 08/09/2017, 08:00:00 To 08/09/2017, 13:30:00
The English School

YELLIS Aptitude Online Tests and ID Photographs

For the attention of Year 4 Students:
Test Date: 08th September 2017
Day: Wednesday
Duration of test (without administration):  Maximum 1 hourID Photographs will run concurrently. Students will need to be at school from 8.00 and stay until they have completed the YELLIS test and had their ID photo taken (see details below.)
Location details:
08:00-09:20 09:30-10:40 10:40-11:50
4G Science Building Room 17 4R Science Building Room 17 4Y Science Building Room 17
4J Science Building Room 18 4W Science Building Room 18 4B Science Building Room 18
Only a pen or pencil is permitted in the exam room.
ID Photographs: Students must bring 10 euros to pay the photographer
Photograph Times:
4W 08:30-08:50
4R 08:50-09:10
4G 09:10-09:30
4J 09:30-09:50
4Y 09:50-10:10
4B 10:10-10:30
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