Year 7 School Photos

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From 16/10/2017, 07:40:00 To 16/10/2017, 10:00:00
The English School
Year 7 School Photos
Class photos
“We don’t remember days, we remember moments” - Cesare Pavese
School photos are more than just a piece of paper. They are not only a record but as you continue your journey in life, and look back, they help you jog memories of your time at school with your classmates. 
  • Class photos will be taken on: Monday, 16th October (Week B).
  • Music: Choir and Band photos will be taken: Wednesday, 18th October (Week B)
Please find the revised schedule for the photo-shoot.
It is important that all students are on time.

We suggest that:
  • 7B, 7G and 7J it would be good to be in the front area with the first bell for the morning.
  •  All Year 7 students to move down to the amphitheatre after form tutor period so we can take the Leaver’s photo.
  • 7R, 7W, 7Y wait in the area to take their class photos.
Classes will be running around the area so it is very important that Students are well-behaved and listen to both Ms. Michaelides and our photographers.

Monday, 16th October 2017 (Week B)
Start Duration End Form Form Tutor Staff Supervising
07:40 00:08 07:48 7B Mr. Chris Brown Elena Michaelides
07:48 00:08 07:56 7G Ms. Anna Melis
07:56 00:08 08:04 7J Mr. George Papamichael
08:04 00:15 08:19 Leavers Photos (with Acting Headmaster + Head of Year)
08:19 00:08 08:27 While 7Y gets ready, student leaders to take their Passport Photo
08:27 00:08 08:35 7R Ms. Myrto Hassapopoulou Elena Michaelides
08:35 00:08 08:43 7W Ms. Alexandra Souroullas
08:43 00:08 08:51 7Y Mr. Charis Sisou  
08:51 01:05 09:50 Passport photos
09:50 00:08 09:58 1W Ms. Maro Polydorou  
09:58 00:08 10:06 3W Ms. Rafaella Neocleous  

Wednesday, 18th October (Week B)
11:30 00:20 11:50 Student Council Meeting + Music:  Choir, Band
a) Order form and Money   Click here to download
The completed order forms and the money need to be given to your Class Representative the latest on Monday, 16th October 2017. – Class representatives should give this to me, either by the end of the School day or early Tuesday morning.
b) School uniform
Class photos
Students must be smartly dressed in correct school uniform (blue polo shirt).
You CANNOT wear a fleece, hoodies or pullovers. Boys mush be clean-shaven.
Passport photos:
These photos will be used for your School Leaving certificate and you will need to be in the Official School Uniform, i.e. White Shirt and Tie
So for students taking a passport photo:
  1. You will need to change into the Official School Uniform
  2. Collect your “Passport Photo ID Permission Cards” from me; I will be stationed outside the Main Office. On this, you will state your Name, Class and I will add you to a register. 
  3. The Photographer will call your number and add a code on the card.
  4. Students that have registered to take Passport Photos and signed the register will be except from the lesson they miss.
  5. Passport photos are taken on a first come, first serve basis, based on the card number you collect from me.
Photo costs
1) Student Council and Music (Choir or Band) photos will be 20x25cm and cost EUR4.00 each.
2) Year 7 can order one of the three packages stated below:
Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Leavers Photo 20x30 Class Photo 20x25 Leavers Photo 20x30
Class Photo 20x25 Portrait 10x15 Class photo 20x25
Portrait 10x15 8 Passport photos 3.5x4.5  
8 Passport photo 3.5x4.5    
Total cost of Package 1: EUR10.50 Total cost of Package 2: EUR7.50 Total cost of Package 3: EUR5.50
Please complete the attached order form and remember to give your order slip with your money to your Class Representative by Monday, 16th October 2017.
Please note that no further orders will be accepted after this date.
Once photos have been received, they will be distributed via your Form Tutor.
We await your orders and thank you for your cooperation at the photo-shoot.
Yours sincerely,
Elena Michaelides
Administration Assistant
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