Year 1 Parents' Afternoon

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From 11/10/2017, 13:29:00 To 11/10/2017, 17:00:00
The English School
Year 1 Parents' Afternoon
Year 1 Parent Afternoon Room Allocation
11th October 2017
  Biology - Head of Department Office     SB10  
1 Ms. A Kiliari English   1 Mr. L. Neoptolemou Maths
        2 Ms. M. Stefanou Maths
  Physics Department Staff Room          
1 Ms. R. Stavrou English     SB11  
        1 Ms. S. Ambiza Maths
  SB6     2 Ms. M. Hassapopoulou Maths
1 Mr. D Kaoullas English        
2 Ms. A. Constantinou Greek     SB12  
3 Ms. N. Melanidou Greek   1 Mr. G. Papamichael Maths
        2 Dr. M. Leigh Science
1 Ms. C. Ioakimidou Greek     SB13  
2 Ms. E. Nikiforou Greek   1 Mr. K. Kutoglu Maths, Science
        2 Ms. M. Paraskeva Turkish
1 Ms. C. Panayiotou Science   SB14  
2 Dr. S. Michaelidou Science 1 Ms. A Melis English
        2 Mr. C. Aristidou Science
1 Ms. S Lofiti Greek        
2 Ms. E. Demosthenous Greek        

Students have made appointments with their teachers. 
Please ask to see the Parents' Afternoon Appointment Card
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