Year 1 Educational Trip

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From 04/10/2017, 00:00:00 To 27/09/2017, 13:30:00
The English School
Year 1 Educational Trip 

For the Attention of: All Year 1 Parents/Guardians
27th September 2017
Ref: Educational and team building trip to Skarinou village at Ktima Georgiadi - Golden Donkeys Farm
Dear Parents / Guardians,
I would like to start by thanking you for the support you have been giving your children during the first weeks of the new academic year.  This is helping us, the Pastoral Team in our endeavour to make the beginning of term as smooth as possible for our students.
It is lovely to see our junior students trying to settle in and make new friends as well as get used to their new learning environment. We believe education is fun and we have decided to extend the Induction Activities in order to give the chance to students to get to know each other and their Form Tutors better , have fun and build more friendships as well as encourage stronger team spirit and communication.  When children feel happy and content,  learning becomes easier and more effective.
We are planning a day trip to Ktima Georgiadi on Wednesday, 4th  October 2017.  The cost of the trip is EUR10.00
This is an educational/cultural/ bonding activity.  Year One will have a full programme  there  which includes a presentation on the history of the olive tree in Cyprus, and a healthy traditional breakfast with olives, halloumi, cheese pie etc.
The students will get more information on the details of the day from Ms. Elena Chrysanthou, their Head of Year.  They will also be advised to wear comfortable clothes like jeans and t-shirts and walking shoes.
Immediately after form tutor period on that day, the students will get on the coaches accompanied by members of the Pastoral Team.  It would be great if students could have some water with them as well as some face sun cream; we are planning to set off at about 08:00 am and return to Nicosia by 13:30pm.
Please fill click here to complete the consent form and send to the school via the Form Tutor by 2nd October  2017
Thank you for working with us in good partnership for your children’s education and overall wellbeing.
Kind regards
Antigoni Kiliari
Assistant Head
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