Year 4 YELLIS test and ID photos

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From 10/09/2018, 08:00:00 To 10/09/2018, 10:30:00
The English School

Year 4 YELLIS Aptitude On-Line Test and ID Photographs

Test Date: Monday, 10th September 2018
Duration of test (without administration):  Maximum 1 hour
ID Photographs will run concurrently. Students will need to be at school from 8.00 and stay until they have completed the YELLIS test and had their ID photo taken (see details below.)
YELLIS is a set of three tests we routinely administer to all Year 4 students in order to give us a measure of each student's developed ability or aptitude for learning. The three areas are: Vocabulary, Maths and Non-Verbal (ability to match patterns, and apply visual intuition.)
It is a computer adaptive test, meaning that each student will progress through the test and be given questions, related to their level of response. The level of questions is thus adjusted according to each student's answers.
The data produced from the tests can then be used to set academic targets for students during Years 4 and 5. This test is completely separate from the students' academic programme at school.
Students do not need to revise anything for these tests but they do need to concentrate and give them their best effort.
Additionally, we will be taking ID photos of all students on this day in order to create up to date school ID photo identification cards. Each student needs to bring 10 euros on the day to pay the photographer. Students need to bring these ID cards to all end of year and external exams, and use them for the school buses and library.
Location details:
8.00-9.20 4B – Science Building Room 16 9.30-10.40 4R – Science Building Room 16
8.00-9.20 4G – Science Building Room 17 9.30-10.40 4W – Science Building Room 17
8.00-9.20 4J – Science Building Room 18 9.30-10.40 4Y– Science Building Room 18
8.30-8.50 4R – Outside the Library 9.30-9.50 4B – Outside the Library
8.50-9.10 4W – Outside the library 9.50-10.10 4G – Outside the Library
9.10-9.30 4Y – Outside the Library 10.10-10.30 4J – Outside the Library
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