Activities Listing

Year 4 Geography Trip to Switzerland 2018
On June 27th some 70 Year 4 students travelled with their Geography teachers to the country of Switzerland.
Lower School Last Assembly
Last Assemblies for Year 1 and Year 2 on the 21st June 2018 and Year 3 on the 22nd June.
Enjoy the photos and the images of the presentation shared. 
Irene Kyriacou Haller EU Back to School
“EU Back to School” is an inter-institutional initiative whereby European Union officials go back to their former secondary school in their hometown, and discuss their work and Experiences in the EU.
Ms Irene Kyriacou Haller visited her old school on April 17, 2018. She presented her work during the Year 3 assembly and then had an interview with Year 3 students Irene Eleni Constantinou, Giorgos Christofi, Chara Efstathiou and Andreas Theodotou.
Update from our Hope for Children
On the 18th June 2018,  The Hope for Children CRC Policy Centre’s facilitators invited our students and teacher in-charge Ms Maro Polydorou to test a pilot video game developed for the European Project CONVEY – Digital Education for Gender Equality.
The DofE International Award 50th Anniversary Ceremony
Celebrating 50 Years of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award at The English School!
Crepe party
3B and 3J with their teacher Ms Vanessa Crambert particularly enjoyed their lesson on food before Easter.
Year 3 Initiative of love
16th May 2018, Year 3 class representatives accompanied by Dr E. Polyviou and Ms R Neocleous went to Kofinou and spent a few hours with refugee children delivering the  goods collected at the donation drive between the 23rd and 27th April.
Year 1 Assembly
‚ÄčOn the 22nd May, the Year 1 had an assembly.   Ms Elena Chrysanthou congratulated the students for their form project, on the theme of Bullying
Erasmus + End-of-Project Ceremony
The End-of-Project ceremony for the current Erasmus+ project took place on Thursday the 17th of May  in the Lecture Theatre.
News from our We Care We Help Club
The teachers in charge of the We Care We Help Club, along with the group of teachers who will join them this summer on their life-changing trip to Kenya, organised a bake sale in order to raise money.
2018 English School Science Fair
Does eye colour affect vision? Is Coca-Cola lying to us? Do plants like asprin? What makes carob syrup so good? 
A wonderful initiative by our 1 Black class
Our Year 1 Black class wanted to help a family less fortunate than ourselves.
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