Activities Listing

World Animal Day
Celebrating World Animal Day, with some very adorable friends!
Education is fun - creating the Tree of Rules!
The bonding activities continue in 1B!
Hard at work in the Physics lab!
30th September, we find our Year 7 Students working very hard in the our Physics lab. 
They were running core practical: An investigation to verify Newton's Second Law.
Commemoration for the Independence of the Republic of Cyprus
On Friday 30th September 2016, 6th and 7th form attended The English School Commemoration for the Independence of the Republic of Cyprus with Guest Speaker: Deputy Minister to the President, Mr Constantinos Petrides.   
A month into a 7 year journey!
Our Year 1 at the end of September.  As you can see they are very busy in the class rooms and getting on with school life.  This is the beginning of a long journey!  Keep smiling, it is an amazing journey with the best of memories being made! 
‚ÄčEducational and team building trip to Skarinou village at Ktima Georgiadi - Golden Donkeys Farm
More bonding activities and educational fun! With our Year 1 students attending an educational, trip at Ktima Georgiades in Skarinou on the 28th September 2016
Hockey MOVE Week
The PE Department in cooperation with the Cyprus Hockey Association participated in MOVE week. 
The English School students talk to ESA Astronaut
On Friday morning The English School students were given the fantastic opportunity to listen to and Skype chat with Paolo Nespoli, an Italian astronaut of the European Space Agency.  
Design & Technology Impromptu Presentation by our very own English School Graduates
Thursday, 22nd September two graduates, shared their experience at University with our Year 6 and 7 Students. 
Whole staff training
Monday, 5th September, Staff training on issues relating to sexual abuse of children in line with our guidelines on Child Protection and Child Safeguarding. 
Bayram Holiday Letter

Click here for letter
Induction Day 2016
Welcoming all our Year 1 and Mid-Programme Entry Students!
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