Activities Listing

Our Biology Students in action
Our Biology AS Level students were investigating the vitamin C contents of fruit juices.
The Salakian Hockey Trophy – ES vs ESOBGA Second Round
Our School Hockey Team drew 2-2 in the 2nd Round of this year’s Salakian Hockey Trophy against ESOBGA, in an exciting match.  Given our 4-2 victory in the 1st Round match, our students won the trophy for the first time since 2009.  Congratulations to our students and coach!
Meeting Mr Boy Waterman, APOEL’s goalkeeper
On the 1st February, our Year 4 GCSE PE Students had the honour of meeting Mr Boy Waterman, APOEL’s goalkeeper and a great sportsman.
Year 1 Assembly – 01st February 2018
The Head of Year 1, Ms Elena Chrysanthou, delivered a presentation to our young students on the topic of ‘A healthy Breakfast’ and its importance for their health and overall wellbeing. 
Nicosia Schools Senior Girls Volleyball Competition
On Thursday, 25th January 2018, our Senior Girls Volleyball Team played against the team from Paliometocho Lyceum for the Ministry of Education Nicosia Competition.
The First Youth Action Day: Work experience for a worthier cause
School calendars turned once again to the 30th January, the Three Hierarch’s Day – a day on which most schools are closed to commemorate the three Holy Fathers of Education in the Orthodox Church – and  over ninety students from the English School participated in the first ever Youth Action Day (YAD) in Cyprus.
Historic live discussion between The English School students and a NASA astronaut in space accomplished successfully.
A first in the educational history of Cyprus.  The English School’s students spoke live to an astronaut currently in space. Mark Vande Hei is a NASA astronaut currently on board the International Space Station. The contact was made on 24 January from the hall of the English School, Nicosia
Mathematics Relay Competition.
The Mathematics Relay Competition took place on Friday 26th January.  The competition is organised by the Mathematical Society of Cyprus.
Year 3 Assembly, 22nd January 2018
Following up from their last assembly in December, Year 3 attended a presentation by their Head of Year, Dr Eva Polyviou on the theme of Refugees in Cyprus
Year 4 Assembly, 22nd January 2018
Year 5 English School Students led the Year 4 Assembly on Monday 22nd January on the topic of the Cyprus Friendship Programme (CFP), sharing their experiences of a month’s stay in the USA last summer in the home of an American host family. 
Year 1 and Year 2 Assembly – Raising awareness about Respect, Friendship and the Overall Wellbeing of Students.
Awareness has been raised among Year 1 and Year 2 students via a relevant presentation by Ms Kiliari, in their first assemblies of the New Year.
Animal Awareness Club at the Christmas Bazaar organised by the Student Leaders.
According to research conducted by J.-D. Vigne, the oldest example of a domesticated cat may be found in Cyprus.
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