Activities Listing

Junior Girls Basketball Team
On the 20th February 2017, our Junior Girls Basketball Team participated at the Nicosia School Basketball Competition and won the match played against Akaki.
BBQ in Neverland
The Barbecue on Saturday 18th February was a great success and everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves! 
Our Senior Boys Basketball team making us proud!
Our Senior Boys Basketball Team followed an amazing path in the Pancyprian Basketball competition. We are so proud of you!
Thursday, 16th February, Our Year 7, honour our tradition
The Grammar School 10th Poetry and Short Story Competition
Two of our students, Valerios Athinodorou 4Y and Chara Rossou 6Y took part in the Grammar School 10th Poetry and Short Story Competition.  They both made us very proud!
From the 29th of January to the 4th of February a group of 13 students, including myself, accompanied by Ms. Jamgochian and Mr. Tsingos travelled to the Hague, Netherlands to participate in THIMUN. 
Healthy Eating Club update
​Tuesday 7th February: Time for Troufes. Nutritious, full of protein and energy.
Greek Lecture on Immigration
On Tuesday, 7th February 2017, our year 2 students had an opportunity to hear a lecture on Immigration.  It was very enlightening.  The Students enjoyed it immensely. 
Parents’ Evening, Topic: Child Sexual Abuse: What Parents Need to Know”
On the evening of 26th January 2017 the Pastoral Team and ESPA council hosted  two guest speakers:Ms. Anastasia Papadopoulou and Dr. Eleni Karayianni  , on the theme of child sexual abuse and what parents need to know.
Celebrating Safer Internet Day - 7th February 2017
Safer Internet Day has been celebrated since 2004, promoting a safer and better internet.  The Internet has many positive aspects, however, the aim is to utilize this wonderful took in a positive, safe and responsible manner. 
A good start!
The Junior Boys Basketball Team won their first match in the Nicosia Schools Basketball Competition organised by the Ministry of Education on Tuesday 7th February.  
Sport News - February 2017
Here you will find information of agreed Sport Competitions coordinated by our Physical Education Department that our students will participate.
We wish our students the best of luck!
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