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Afternoon Games
At the school our students develop their mind (gaining knowledge), their body (physical education, learning about health) and their soul (social skills). 
Learning about Halloween
1G created the most amazing Halloween projects as part of their English Lesson. 
Year 1 Lessons in Squash
Introductory lessons to Squash led by the Nicosia Squash Association for our Year 1 students
Halloween fun continues in 1 Yellow
1 Yellow students planned a spooky surprise!
Hard at work in the Physics Labs
The law of Physics is the canvas laid down by our creator to paint His masterpiece. 
                                                                                                                 - Dan Brown

Raising Awareness about Poverty to commemorate the UN Anti-Poverty Day on 17th October
No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted
Our contribution to the Sophia Foundation for Children
Year 7 English School student, Zoe Kassinis, presents a cheque to the Sophia Foundation for Children, on behalf of English School students,  which will be used to build a library for their orphanage in Nyeri, Kenya. 
Biology Field Trip
On Friday, 8th October and Saturday 9th October, our Year 7 A-level Biology students went on a field-trip to Akamas. 
Getting to know and learning to respect each other, making new friends, bonding without boundaries...
Continuing our cooperation with Hope for Children, all year 1 students this week will participate in a wonderful workshop organized to bring the children closer. 
Physical Education, Afternoon Games Official Matches Results
Afternoon Games Results
Stayed tuned to view Official Matches Results
Supporting The Pancyprian Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF)
Being caring citizens!
World Animal Day
Celebrating World Animal Day, with some very adorable friends!
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